Provocations for the Connected Home

With participants from the Unbox Labs Caravan in Ahmedabad, India, we have started to explore the topic of the connected home. As a first step into a long-term iterative design process, we spent a moment thinking about provocative statements that would inspire us to design technology and experiences about connected communities and connected homes.

Here is a list of provocative statements that our group came up with:

  • The home tells the person what to do, it's a cautionary tale.
  • Visible and invisible.
  • My connected home is recycled.
  • My connected home is remixable.
  • Is the connected home even desirable?
  • What is the ecosystem around the connected home?
  • Things bring people together.
  • Private vs. public.
  • Food, water, shelter, internet.
  • The connected home needs a manifesto.
  • The world of work.
  • Digital Vegan.
  • Data is the invisible life blood of the connected home.
  • A connected school will spawn connected homes.
  • The connected home is musical.
  • Name one "killer app" for the connected home.
  • The connected home looks the same all around the world.
  • A connected home is all about connected objects.
  • A connected home is all about connected people.
  • The connected home must be fun.
  • What are the "killer learning models" for the connected homes?
  • The connected thing must solve a problem.
  • The connected home is for rich people.
  • Who is IN the connected home?
  • The connected home takes me out of my home.
  • The connected home is for all ages.
  • A connected home movement must be DIY.
  • My home becomes your home when you visit?

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